lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

My Plans for the future

After I gradute, I will practice my profession. I am going to be a independent person. I will travel to Italy and France. I will work hard for giving the best to my son.

University Campus


My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood

I live in Parcelamiento Los Altos. My neighborhood is not so quite. There is a lot of traffic and public transportation. Near, there is a school and a bakery. There are some cyber near my neighborhood. I need more police officers in my neighborhood because I think is not safety enough.

My Errands

Tomorrow I have to do many errands. First in the morning, I have to take my child to the doctor. After that I have to go to the school to enroll my child for the next school year. The third errand I have to do is going to the bookshop to buy a pendrive, a memory card and a mouse for my laptop. Finally, I will study English with my classmate.

jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Trends at my University

At URBE, the students are in fashion. They like to wear color pants, converse, crocs. Women also like the color in their heels. Also the smartphones, like the blackberry, are very useful for the students.


My Family

My Family

The majority of the the families in Venezuela are traditional. My family is one of them.

The majority of my family lives in Maracaibo. One part of my father´s relative live in Italia and USA.

My family is hard working, both men and women. They are very sociable and one-fifth are very close.

More than a half of the women of my family are married with children. Most of the men of my family work on business.